Happy Tails

Happy Tail Stories from Farfel’s Rescue!

Testimonial on PANCHO: I just thought I’d email to let you know that Pancho is doing great and we love him so much! We are very grateful for you and your rescue for bringing Pancho to our family. I know we rescued him but we feel like he rescued us! We cant imagine our lives without him. I included a few pictures to show you he’s doing great!unnamedunnamed-1unnamed-2

Testimonial on CODY: I am so thankful to you, and the rescue in Texas, for bringing Cody to us. We are all completely in love with him.  He has been with us now for about six weeks, and is truly a member of our family.  Cody gets lots of attention, walks, and playtime with my 3 boys.  He is quickly learning to fetch, stay, and come.  Although Cody has a few bad habits, we are sure, with time (patience) and training, they can be corrected. Lately, we have been going to the Arvada Dog Park, for socialization and play.  He loves it!  He does so well with the other dogs, which was a concern for us in the beginning.
I promise to stop by the store with him soon!
Happy New Year,
Katherine FoxIMG_0625IMG_0633IMG_7098

Testimonial on BRODIE: Well, Brodie couldn’t be any better.  He fit right in from the first day.  You would think he lived here all his life.  He was house broken on the second day.  We tried to teach him to ring a bell to go out but he has a very large bladder and can hold it a long time.  We put in a doggie door for him and he learned how to use it in just a few minutes.  He is exactly what we were looking for and he has brightened our world more than I can tell you.  He loves to sit in my lap and always wants to be held and loves going for rides in the car.  He loves to play and has plenty of toys that he really enjoys.  He loves to play with us even more.  You can throw him a ball or rope and he will bring it back and ask for more.  He has a strange affinity for Barbs slippers.  He constantly drags them out of the closet and leaves them all over the house.  He doesn’t chew them up  but just finds great places to leave them.  He has his nightly burst of energy where he runs around the house like lightning and grabs anything that’s not tied down.  It’s a sight to see.  A while back he attacked Barb’s Pilates ball.  You had to see that – it was hilarious.  He loves the snow.  He loves to run through it  in large circles and really tares it up.  He got a clean bill of health from the Vet and was a perfect gentleman at the groomers the other day.  He loves our house and our back yard and we love him as much as he loves us.  Thanks again.

 Sal and Barb Mansu

Testimonial on OSCAR: Oscar is doing well! He is a very loving and playful dog. Oscar comes to work with me everyday at a skilled nursing facility. Here he socializes with the patients and staff. When we are in my office he just relaxes in his dog bed. Oscar enjoys following me around, where ever I go he wants to be by my side. He also gets along with the rest of the family while includes a Lab, Australian Shepherd, and two cats; not to mention my husband and two daughters. We play ball everyday and he is the new boss of the ball where as the Australian Shepherd once was. It is pretty funny. Thank you for all you do and for allowingme to adopt this wonderful little guy! Blessings, Michelle Scharfenberger

Testimonial on DAISY:Six months ago I adopted a dog named Daisy from a shelter in Oklahoma City. The words “thank you” don’t seem to begin to cover it. You found a piece of my heart that I didn’t even know was missing. I cannot thank you enough for finding this little dog and bringing her to Colorado for me. She is without a doubt the light of my life and I cannot thank you enough!” -Jenn Johnson
Daisy 1Daisy2Daisy3

Testimonial on Farfel’s Friends: The most impressive part of the process was the quality of the pets to choose from. The key to Farfel’s Rescue’s success is time and love you invest to bring in only the best animals. I doubt one could make a poor decision on any of the rescued animals because every animal has been carefully selected for great temperament.

The magical part of the process was the brilliant “match making” Sandy did. My wife and I wasted countless hours doing internet research on dog breeds and still more hours looking at other rescues. To my surprise, Sandy matched us with a border terrier that I would have never chosen for myself. Fortunately, she has a gift of seeing the best match – much better than my own ability. I am so grateful I took her advice.

Farfel’s Rescue is a unique team that uses both their hearts and their heads. The fact that they use their heads, sets them apart of other rescues. While my heart goes out to all animals in need, what I really need is an animal that makes sense for my home. Farfel’s team takes a systematic approach mixed with a touch of magic and love. The result is a pet that we will treasure for years to come. – Perry Todd

rileyTestimonial on HOPE: We are so happy with Hope, she seems to like it here. I think we are the lucky ones to have adopted her. Please let her former foster parents know that we love her and will be very good to her. She has made a lot of new doggy friends and she loves to run all around the yard. It is so wonderful what all of you do to give the animals a voice that says, I love you, Please adopt me! Thank you all – Reggie & Sharon Longdin

LongdinTestimonial on SIMON: “Our miniature schnauzer, Simon, initially caught our attention on Petfinder.com because his profile said he was an easy-going dog with a good temperament. After less than a week of fostering Simon we felt he was the best dog with the best temperament, and we jumped at the chance to adopt him before someone else did. People had told us that you never know what you are going to get when you adopt a dog. Rescue dogs are sometimes seen as “damaged goods,” so people prefer to buy a new puppy from a breeder, as though it guarantees that the dog will be wonderful. Farfel’s described Simon perfectly in his online profile, and their requirement that we foster him gave us the chance to verify that the description was accurate and that we were a good match for him. Adopting a dog is a great way to find an awesome companion–a fact Simon proves every day!” – Emily and Jarret

Sweet Simon

Sweet Simon

Testimonial on COSETTE: Well, now, this little girl has stolen the hearts of the Brukiewa Family. She is settling in quickly and loves everyone she meets. My cousin who is staying with us has cerebral palsy and most dogs are nervous around him. Not Cosette (formerly known as Gidget)! She lets him know he is OK by her and checks on him frequently. I’d say she has the gift of healing and will make a wonderful therapy dog to accompany our family on visits to those who are lonely or sick. We are so thankful for Farfel’s Farm! Happy New Year! – Brukiewa Family GidgetTestimonial on TREVOR:Tommy had been looking for a companion to enrich his life for 8 years. It was a difficult endeavor because the dog had to be small enough to comfortably ride on Tommy’s lap in his wheelchair and be courageous enough to self-confidantly walk beside it. Along came Trevor, a homeless pup from rural Oklahoma. At 10 lbs and only 6-months old, Trevor…now McGee.. seemed to immediately sense the importance of his job. They were a team! Now together for several months, the mutual respect and love is evident in this touching relationship.

Testimonial on LANCE: We just adopted this little guy from Farfel’s Rescue in Boulder. He came from Oklahoma City, so he thinks our weather is freezing and he is right! About one year old, potty trained, well-mannered, quite, sweet, gets along with other dogs and is great with kids. He is 15 pounds and sturdy; not sure what ‘ingredients’ made this little guy, but he is sweet and has been so much company. Love him! – Paula Percival

LanceTestimonial on ARCHIE: We just can’t imagine how a guy like Archie ended up in a high-kill shelter in Oklahoma City. Archie, an Airdale mix, is incredibly smart, cute, and knew certain commands that surprised us for only about 9 months old. After spending only one day at Farfel’s Farm pet boutique with an ‘adopt me’ bandana on, Archie met his future human sister, Mary. Archie is now living in a rural area outside of Fort Collins with a family who’s so excited to spend many hours watching him grow through his puppyhood and learn new skills in a positive environment.

Amazing Archie

Amazing Archie

Testimonial on KATIE: Katie was one of the cutest, sweetest girls that joined us after we rescued her from a high-kill shelter in Oklahoma that had her slated for euthanasia in the next couple of days. Farfel’s Rescue couldn’t let it happen! With the help of Ann and Lynn in Oklahoma, Katie was headed to Boulder. Within days, the Frye family recognized the special essence that of Katie. Now named Sadie, you can see she is enjoying her new forever home with Wendy, Pete and Parker.

Katie, now Sadie, with her brother

Katie, now Sadie, with her brother

Testimonial on MILES: Miles…was DaDa when he was in a high-kill shelter in Louisiana..but then Farfel’s Rescue with the help of Beverly and her awesome family and Jen the rescue angel transported him to Colorado and into the arms of Carol and Dave. Miles isn’t sure yet weather he’s in heaven or Disneyland. Huge thanks to Carol for rescuing and being the best dog mom ever!

Beautiful Miles

Beautiful Miles

Testimonial on DUKE: “Sandy and Jeff are just awesome. We love and admire what you do so much. Duke is quickly adjusting and realizing this is his forever home. He is the PERFECT dog for our family. He is seriously the sweetest dog and smart too. He likes to watch tv!!! We couldn’t love him anymore. Thank you Farfel Farms!!!!” Julie and David Dowen

Adorable Duke

Adorable Duke

One thought on “Happy Tails

  1. Testimonial on Maddox… Thank you to Farfel’s Farm for all their professionalism and TLC to their rescued pets. There should be more wonderful people in the world like Sandy and Jeff!!! We are so appreciative to have Maddox in our lives. He is truly a Christmas miracle to our family. Maddox is adjusting so well– he acts like he owns our neighborhood. Immediately he slept soundly on my bed and has found our daughter to be his best friend. We can’t wait to help him open all of his presents under our Christmas tree.

    Warm regards.

    The McClintock’s

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