We thank you for starting the application process. You are on the brink of a wonderful adventure. The bond between you and your new pet will blossom with time and provide your family with a new best friend.

If you are interested in adopting one of the dogs from Farfel’s Rescue, please fill out our  Application for Adoption.

Remember to save a copy of this application to your computer. Please email the filled out application to; or mail it to:  Farfel’s Farm & Rescue, 906 Pearl St., Boulder, CO 80302.

We’re so grateful that we get many applications for the same dog. We have a small staff and consequently are unable to respond to everyone. Please also understand that a match is made based on the dog/adopter compatibility. If the dog that has touched your heart is not available, remember there are many dogs just as cute and deserving.

In order to see the dogs currently available for adoption, visit our page here. If there is “Pending” following the dogs name, please don’t apply or inquire about them as they are in a home awaiting the completion of the two week foster period. We don’t have dogs onsite at Farfel’s Farm as they are in foster homes learning new skills and getting belly rubs and treats.

Farfel’s Farm & Rescue offers a two week foster period. If you feel during this time that you are not compatible, Farfel’s will match the dog to another family and refund your adoption fee.

If your dog needs any medical attention during this two week foster period, please contact Farfel’s and we’re happy to cover the cost at our veterinarian in Lakewood.

The cost of our adoption service is $445. Farfel’s includes transporting the dog to Colorado, spay/neuter, a microchip, temperament testing, all vaccinations, and any additional medical treatments needed prior to adoption. We accept three monthly payments for those who may need this option. Your adoption fee also helps pay for needed surgeries and treatments, healing heartworm positive dogs and cataract surgeries for other rescues.

Colorado is an amazing state where there are more kind-hearted adopters than there are rescue dogs. Please be patient. We are always searching for the perfect match that will complete your family.

10 thoughts on “Adoption

  1. A very thoughtful adoption application. It tells me that every effort is being made to bring the right people & rescue dogs together.

  2. Sandy & Jeff, I want you to know we are so in love with Chelsea. She is the most wonderful dog I have ever known. She is every thing you said and more! Thank you!!!!!

  3. my aspen is the truest love of my life he is the best . He definitely filled my old jack’s paws plus more and everyone at church wants ton take him home

  4. Thank you for finding Winston for us. He is a wonderful addition to our family and the kids adore him. We couldn’t be happier.

  5. it has been just over a month since we brought Star into our home. she was house-trained, and is finally overcoming her shyness, when meeting new people. of course, to us she may be a star, but we renamed her Daisy, which seems a much better fit for this Southern belle pup.
    thank you Farfel’s for giving us the opportunity to make Daisy a part of our loves
    Don Tilleman

    • Hi there! Corey has found his forever home. However, we rescue many dogs like him. Please submit your application & keep an eye on our petfinder.

      Thanks so much for choosing rescue! 🙂

  6. 6 months ago, we lost our beloved maltese of 16 years. We needed someone to rescue us from from the hole that had been driven into our hearts and was so painful from the loss. In walked Maddox…from Farfels Rescue…and when Sandy placed him in my daughter’s arms, he instantly bonded as if to be so grateful to have a forever home. It isnt Maddox that should be the grateful one, but my family, which Maddox is now member of. He rescued us by taking a chance that we would cherish him and not be abandoned ags in. He is so loved!

    • I adopted my boy aspen a little over a year ago from farfelsx he is the love of my life,what is even better ? Every where we go, everyone wants him,thanks farfel

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