About Us

Farfel’s Farm & Rescue was founded on the idea that each dog deserves a loving home and the chance for a happy life. We are so thrilled to be able to rescue these amazing dogs from urgent situations in Texas, Kansas, Oklahoma and New Mexico. Working with a dedicated team of volunteers, the animals are pulled from high-kill shelters because they’ve been recognized for their great temperament. They are then transported by specially licensed vans to Boulder and Denver, Colorado for a second chance at life. They are then evaluated and treated for any medical issues before being transitioned to their adoptive parent or foster parent, where they can become accustomed to having a warm bed, plenty of food and toys galore!

Our criteria is stringent. All dogs that make the trip to Colorado have been vetted and vaccinated, spayed or neutered whenever possible, and temperament tested with adults and other dogs. We try to work with the foster in the home state to temperament test with children when possible. If the dogs are not spayed or neutered when they arrive, Farfel’s is happy to cover all costs to have them sterilized at one of our Lakewood veterinarians.

We’re so appreciative for all of our amazing fosters, volunteers and all those who choose to donate to our rescue endeavors. These donations help provide medical care for those deserving dogs who have special needs. This might support a surgery for Boots who is blind and would see the world for the first time with a cataract surgery. Or maybe it would be for Colby who has a terminal heart condition from a life spent in a breeding cage…we think she deserves only the best care, nutrition and medical support for the remainder of her life. 100% of these donations are spent on the needs of these exceptional beings who ask for nothing and provide us with never-ending love and companionship.

What an adopter has said about us:
The most impressive part of the process was the quality of the pets to choose from. The key to Farfel’s Rescue’s success is time and love you invest to bring in only the best animals. I doubt one could make a poor decision on any of the rescued animals because every animal has been carefully selected for great temperament.

The magical part of the process was the brilliant “match making” Sandy did. My wife and I wasted countless hours doing internet research on dog breeds and still more hours looking at other rescues. To my surprise, Sandy matched us with a border terrier that I would have never chosen for myself. Fortunately, she has a gift of seeing the best match – much better than my own ability. I am so grateful I took her advice.

Farfel’s Rescue is a unique team that uses both their hearts and their heads. The fact that they use their heads, sets them apart of other rescues. While my heart goes out to all animals in need, what I really need is an animal that makes sense for my home. Farfel’s team takes a systematic approach mixed with a touch of magic and love. The result is a pet that we will treasure for years to come. – Perry Todd

4 thoughts on “About Us

  1. What a great place.. If you want to rescue a dog who will rescue you back, Farfel’s Farm is for you. Wonderful group of dogs & people.

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