Welcome to Farfel’s Farm & Rescue

Farfel’s Farm has been the go-to spot for people and their pets since 2005. Pet guardians share photos and stories of their dogs and cats in our pet-friendly downtown boutique.

Colleen shared her experience at Farfel’s:

“Everyone who works at Farfel’s is friendly and very knowledgeable about dogs. They carry nothing but top quality dog and cat foods and snacks as well as all kinds of other pet supplies. If you want to buy local and support an outstanding rescue (Farfel’s Rescue) then please support this wonderful store!”

Farfel’s Rescue became an integral part of Farfel’s Farm in 2011. They complement each other in saving lives while supplying premium nutrition, fashion, toys and holistic products for our rescues as well as the local Boulder dog community.

Hank and Mike are a team! This is exactly what we hope for when we match a rescue dog to a family.

Hank and I are getting along just great!  He has just the terrier personality that I love, and he is so well behaved that there was really no adjustment.  My wife loves him, my other dogs love him, and he loves the wide open space and outdoor life that he gets on the farm.  He sleeps in bed with us, and rides around in the car like the King of the World.  I was just letting you know that there is no way he is going back!  He has a permanent home, here with me. Forever.
Dr. Mike Furcolow (retired veterinarian)


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