Thank You for Visiting Farfel’s Rescue

We are so thrilled to be able to rescue these dogs from urgent shelter situations in Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana and Arkansas. Our criteria is stringent; all dogs that make the trip to Colorado have been vetted, fixed, temperament tested with children, adults and other dogs (I’m sorry, no cat testing is being done). If they shine during testing they are chosen for transport to Colorado and our commitment to them for pre-approved forever homes.

We’re so appreciative of all our amazing volunteers and all those who choose to donate to our rescue endeavors. These donations will be put in the Farfel’s Rescue fund to provide medical care for those deserving dogs who have special needs. This might support a surgery for Boots who is blind and would see the world for the first time with a cataract surgery. Or maybe it would be for Colby who has a terminal heart condition from a life spent in a breeding cage…we think she deserves only the best care, nutrition and medical support for the remainder of her life. We commit to 100% of these donations to be spent on the needs of these exceptional beings who ask for nothing and provide us with never-ending love and companionship.